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Browne House Law Group is organized to provide legal services in a different way. The founders of Browne House Law were unsatisfied with the two dominant models of providing legal services – large firms and solo practitioners. While large firms can pool resources and provide a large variety of services, their size and institutional bureaucracy can limit their flexibility and ability to provide legal services to a wide variety of clients. Large firms sacrifice customer service for efficiency. On the other hand, solo practitioners have maximum flexibility in how they provide legal services to their clients, but they lack the economies of scale that come with pooling resources at larger firms. Browne House Law combines the best of both models and does so outside of the traditional law firm dynamic.

Browne House is Not a Law Firm

Browne House is a family of independent attorneys pooling resources in a shared-space environment. That structure allows the great flexibility and customer service of a solo practitioner while reducing overhead – keeping costs lower for clients – and allows the attorneys to provide a broad variety of legal services from a single storefront.

Family of Member Firms

Browne House Law is a family of four member firms, the experience of which covers criminal defense to domestic and civil litigation. The independent lawyers of Browne House Law have trial and appellate experience, practice in Alabama and Federal Courts, and have helped a variety of individuals and business solve legal and planning problems. When you engage one of our family of member firms, you receive the benefit of the collective knowledge and experience of each member of Browne House Law.