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College is an exciting time – but if you’re a parent, it can be scary. It seems like just yesterday they were bringing home crafts from kindergarten, and now, they’re off on their own in what may be a new state. But what if things go wrong with their roommates or their landlord? What if they get arrested?

We get it.

We know you’ll never stop worrying about your child. But when it comes to the law, stress a little less and know that things are covered in the event something goes wrong.

Have an attorney review their lease

Chances are you or your student were presented with a lease that was either drafted by multiple attorneys – or worse – copied and pasted off the internet. For a very reasonable fee, we will cover his or her obligations and explain both his or her rights under the lease and how to stay out of trouble.

Know who their roommates are

Whether your student’s roommate was assigned to them or they are someone your student already knows, it is important that you have both a full name and contact information for everyone in their dorm, apartment, or house.

Be familiar with local laws

Every municipality has different laws regarding liquor, curfew, traffic and general behavior. Your student should know that in Alabama the drinking age is 21 and that all amounts of marijuana possession, including medical marijuana legally obtained in another state, are illegal here. Take time with them to make sure they’re familiar with important state laws before any of them are broken.

If they get in trouble – don’t panic

If your student gets arrested, do not panic. We have step by step instructions on bonding someone out of jail here. After making bond arrangements, you need to immediately call an attorney. Criminal convictions have serious and lasting consequences, and your student needs a competent professional to guide them through the next steps and defend them.

Make sure they know they can always come to you

Your student might be living apart from you and functioning as an adult, but we know there’s no replacement for mom and dad. Promote open communication with your student so that you’re the first person they come to if they have questions or if something goes wrong.

>>> Browne House Law Group is a family of attorneys dedicated to helping families and their students navigate difficult situations that may arise. Our office is located less than a mile from The University of Alabama. If you’re out-of-town and your student is in Tuscaloosa, we can handle that too. We’re here to help.