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Browne House’s Loss is Tuscaloosa’s Gain

We are extremely proud that Browne House Law founder Daniel Pruet is now Circuit Judge-Elect Daniel Pruet. The circuit court is the highest trial court in the Alabama legal system, and the position is befitting an excellent trial lawyer like Daniel.

Daniel’s Path to the Bench

Despite his great skill and excellent reputation as a local lawyer, Daniel has long wanted to move to the bench. A Tuscaloosa native and a University of Alabama alum, Daniel graduated at the top of his law school class at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. He then worked for Judge William C. Thompson at the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals before returning to Tuscaloosa as a prosecutor. He retired from the prosecutor’s office to open his own law office. Then in 2017 he and Bret Smith founded the Browne House Law Group.

Our loss is the community’s gain.

As circuit judge, Daniel will preside over felony criminal cases and large civil disputes. While the lawyers and staff of Browne House Law will be very sad to lose him, our loss is the community’s gain. We have no doubt Daniel will be a judge we can count on to be fair, just, and uphold the rule of law.