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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you’re going through a scary and stressful time. A criminal conviction has serious and lasting consequences: your job, family, education and most importantly, your freedom are all on the line.

You need the best and most expensive attorney you can find, right?

Wrong. You need an experienced attorney that will be a good fit for YOU.

Here’s 5 steps to choosing a criminal defense attorney that will put your worries to rest and start working for you and your case.

1. Find someone local

Alabama state courts are divided into geographic regions called “circuits.” A lawyer who has little to no experience practicing in the circuit where you’ve been charged will be unfamiliar with the other parties in your case and may even charge you an additional travel fee. At Browne House Law Group, our lawyers have practiced law in the Tuscaloosa area for our entire careers and our office is conveniently located in downtown Tuscaloosa.

2. Choose an attorney who has availability

Did you call around looking for a lawyer, only to learn they can’t see you for several weeks? If you have a pending criminal case, there’s no time to wait. Call (205) 293-5293 to get the next available appointment.

3. Ask around

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience? How many people did you tell? It’s no different with your lawyer. If your friends had a bad experience with a lawyer, they’ll tell you.

4. Check their website

Anyone can build a website – so if a lawyer doesn’t have a website that shows you their picture and explains their expertise before you decide to hire them, ask yourself what information they’re not sharing. You’ll find everything you need to know about us here.

5. Trust your gut

Hiring a lawyer is NOT a one-sided experience. Getting to the resolution of your case is going to take some teamwork between you and your lawyer, and you may have to meet with him or her many times before the case is resolved. If you have a bad feeling about the initial consultation, or you just get a “bad vibe,” your gut might just be telling you something.

Every case is different – and no lawyer can guarantee any outcome – but it is imperative that you feel confident in the advice your lawyer gives you. There’s just too much at stake for you to feel like you’ve picked the wrong lawyer.

Browne House Law Group is a family of Tuscaloosa lawyers dedicated to serving you and making sure you’re choosing the right lawyer for your case. We have years of experience in DUI, possession, distribution, burglary, robbery, theft, sex offenses, murder and many other misdemeanor and felony charges. Consultations are always free.