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The City of Tuscaloosa is imposing a new 24-hour curfew.  The Mayor’s order limits travel, restricts businesses, and imposes a fine for those who don’t comply.  Read below to see what Tuscaloosa’s Coronavirus curfew means for the City’s residents.

Who does the curfew affect?

Government employees, first responders, and the like are not covered by Tuscaloosa’s Coronavirus curfew. Everyone else living or working in the City or police jurisdiction is affected.  It also applies to anyone who travels into city limits. Non-essential businesses will have to close or operate from home.

Essential businesses can continue to operate. The interstate is still open.  medical, emergency, and food services continue to remain open with some qualifications.

Which businesses are essential?

The order does not list every business which is essential but some are expressly “essential.”  Included in the list of “essential businesses” are:

  • Pharmacies;
  • Grocery Stores;
  • Gas Stations;
  • Hardware Stores;
  • Office Supply Stores; and
  • Others.

Those businesses that are expressly “non-essential” will need to be closed. Non-Essential-Businesses are listed here.  Click on the link, review the list and look for your business or activity.  If it’s on the list and in Tuscaloosa, it’s supposed to close.

Some of those included in the list of non-essential are:

  • Gyms and fitness centers;
  • Salons and barber shops;
  • Department stores; and
  • Social clubs.

Those businesses and others on the list must close.

Can I still go to the restaurant, bar, or brewery?

Yes, but you still can’t eat or drink on the premises.  Take out and delivery are allowed so long as people observe the safety measures already in place.  We can’t go in, but can get curbside pickup.

My business is essential, can I appeal?

Yes!  If your business is on the list of non-essential businesses and you think it should not be you can appeal. To appeal you should file a written request with the City Clerk.

Can I go outside?

Yes!  Go outside and get some exercise.  But no contact sports, and you must stay six feet apart from others.  Running, walking, and other exercise appears to be encouraged.

You can also go outside for necessary travel.  Necessary travel would be things like:

  • Going to the grocery;
  • Going to get medical care for you, a family member, or pet;
  • Going to take care of or support your child, pet, family member or friend;
  • Going to and from your job at an essential business; and
  • Other common sense activities.

How long will it last?

The curfew is set to expire at midnight on April 11th. It could be extended.  According to the City’s press release, they will reevaluate whether to extend the order before it expires.

What are the penalties for violating curfew?

The curfew comes with penalties for those who ignore it.  Breaking the curfew can result in a $500 fine and up to 180 day in jail.  If you venture out, have a good reason and be ready to explain why it was needed.

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