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More than one Browne House Law attorney participated in Wills for Heroes this week. The program helps to pair attorneys in Tuscaloosa with public servants like service members, police, and firefighters to assist them in preparing a will.  The program is a joint effort between the Tuscaloosa County Bar Association and the Alabama State Bar.

In the picture, Browne House Law attorney Kim King (right) and Alabama State Bar representative Linda Lund (left) work with a client (not pictured).  Attorney King praised the effort of the state and local bar to provide this assistance to our local first responders, “There a lot of pro bono work being provided by lawyers in this community, it’s nice to be part of a group effort like Wills for Heroes.”

Attorney King emphasized the importance of preparing a will and the impact it has on your family.  “Wills are a way to do something for your family.  Wills really aren’t about you, they’re about them.”  It’s important to have a will. The the absence of a will (1) makes it harder to administer your estate after you pass away; and (2) may impact who actually gets what when you pass away.

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